Monday, September 08, 2014

13 years

Wow. so it has been a LONG time since I last wrote. I am not going to make promises to write more because I just never know when I will write.

Today is the day I celebrate 13 years of marriage with my wonderful husband Phil. 13 years ago I made a vow through thick and thin, through sickness and health, until death do us part. I hold strong to those vows. However it is not an easy road.

We have our ups and downs. We are strapped in to this roller coaster ride we call marriage together. Lately there has been a lot of downs. However, I know in my heart of hearts we will get through this down and start to travel back up again. Holding to one another through the ride.

Marriage is not easy. Life is not easy. I do hope we are able to work together to get through things. To get through the ups and the downs together. In the past year we have bought a house. We have moved. We have bought a new car. He was beside me as I did the ride to Conquer Cancer and ended up with hypothermia that he had to drive all the way down to Skagit County in the US from Canada to pick me up as I had to end my ride.

The day of our wedding the shone was shining beautifully. The butterflies were setting in full force as my bridal party and I drove off to get our hair done. The nerves were full force as I tried to memorize my vows. Which I WISH I still remembered. But what I do remember were the simple ones that my husband said to me......Misty you are my buggy and I will always love you. I remember being shocked that it was so short. I remember making people laugh as I said, That's it? I remember struggling to get my own vows out. I don't remember my vows. But I remember his. I remember looking in to those amazing blue eyes that seriously had me sucked in when he first said hello. The first time I met him I remember those eyes. The blue that dig deep in to your soul. The blue that pulled me in to his heart. Looking at them on our wedding day I knew he meant every word of that vow he was saying. Looking in them today I can still see the passion and the love for me.

Like I said, we have our ups and downs but who doesn't. We will work through it. We will start to go back up on this ride again. I am thankful for the ones who have stuck by my side during this time. I am thankful for the advice and the encouragement I have been given by friends. We will get through this and there are going to be so many more years to celebrate.

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life.
Love your buggy.