Friday, November 09, 2007

My kid is so amazing. Such a character!

Cooper really has quite the character. I LOVE IT!! He has been wanting to take hot wheels to bed with him lately at night. We are ok with it. It keeps him quiet and he will play a bit while winding down, in his crib. So his favorite one is a John Deere Tractor. This little green thing.
Then one night Phil says, look what Daddy gave you. Cooper looks in and sees a blue John Deere tractor. He was all excited. It was the same as the green one. Then tonight an orange one mysteriously appeared in his crib. Daddy points into his crib and says Cooper what's that?
Cooper looks in and sees the orange tractor. He slides off of Daddy's lap, we had just finished story time, and he stood next to his crib. Then he was looking in his crib and his little mouth LITERALLY dropped open. The big O look and he was surprised. Then he was jabbering and jabbering while pointing at it. I so wish I got a picture but it is in my head and heart. It was so priceless and so full of character.
Earlier tonight we walked up to Value Village. Cooper INSISTED on wearing his new monkey slippers. I would show the pic but it is blurry. LOL. So he walked half way there and all the way back in his little slippers. Happy as a clam. Phil and I watched him and we just could NOT get over how much he is growing up. It amazes us every day. He looks so big now and acts so big. You only show him how to do something once then he has it. What a cool night with our kid. It was just too fun and I had to share.

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