Wednesday, December 19, 2007

time flies

not sure when life started getting so busy!!
Cooper likes to sleep in the big bed at Auntie Sue's house. And lately at home he is wanting to be in a big bed. I am wondering if he feels trapped in the crib. I can understand the play pen cause it is significantly smaller. But the crib is pretty big. I am not ready for him to be in a big bed. wahhhh!!
Cooper says the odd sentence and more words. He is totally a sponge now!! Just now he asked for orange juice. He also will say Thank you mom. So amazing!!

Last night I got a call from Phil saying he was at a gas station. His car COMPLETELY died. He hit something in the road and it broke the oil pan and seized the engine completely. So he has my car. The only thing I can keep thinking is that God has SOME sort of plan. I tried not to panic but got a little anxious.
I got a free month at Curves gym. I am not going as much as I would like to but now without a car I won't go. Cause there is no point putting more miles on my car after Phil already has driven it a total of a hour and a half each day. God has a reason......He has to. So I called ICBC this morning for Phil and get this.....he can claim it but HIS rates will go up. It is claimed as an accident. I said, let me get this straight. Cause there was something wrong in the ROAD my husband has to pay for it!!! and she said yes. Phil said the engine is completely seized so we will have to see what happens. Right now it is somewhere near 264th street on the side of the road.
Christmas is so busy but I really can't wait to see Cooper get into it this year. Cooper has his own little backpack now and he carries his own snack and diapers. Plus a book.
Some pics.....
a John Deere Tractor pillow case I made for Cooper

and funny face in front of the tree

his backpack

oh and there was a firetruck at Walmart. They were doing an inspection and they let Cooper in the driver's seat to check it out. It was dark out and the guy tried to get a good pic with HIS camera. Cause of course I wouldn't have mine just going to walmart. But Cooper has a blast!


rodbot said...

I think it's part of your comprehensive, like if someone smashes your window.

Miss-buggy said...

well that would be good. But she told me it counts as an accident and Phil would be at fault. ODD. so phil is just taking parts and scrapping the rest. Better not to affect his insurance this way.