Sunday, August 09, 2009

trying to stay focussed

on the good. Trying to remember all the good and not let all the negative slash back at me.

The issues I was told I have was good to receive because those were fixable. A couple days later my family doc called me to come in and go over my blood work. Turns out that my prolactin levels are up again. So that can also cause miscarriages so now we take another step back.

It is like we get answers and a way to solve it then this happens. I am more then double what I should be. Prolactin is a hormone that is released when ovulating or when nursing. It should not be above 23 for a non nursing mother. I was good at an 11 for two months. Now it goes up again. So it is confusing, frustrating and annoying.

There is a BIG part of me that just wants to yell and get mad at God. Yet I am trying not to and to focus on the good. Sometimes it just feels so hard.

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wilsonian said...

It's too bad that the fixes aren't always quick :(

I'm sorry this is so hard right now.
Hang in there.