Monday, December 28, 2009

The World

sure can be a tricky place. So full of sin, thanks Adam and Eve, confussion, people assuming THEY know what is best for YOUR child.

Education comes to mind for me. I have felt like I am not doing enough. I have been made to feel like a horrible mother. I have chosen a Christian based preschool for my child. I can't afford a private school for him but I try my best. I have been told I am damning my child to satan because he would be going to public school. I tend to disagree.

I have chosen to do what I am doing based on what feels right for my family.

Sin is everywhere you look. It is pathetic really. People are afraid of God so they fight what they don't know. Believe in Heaven but not Hell or God. Or they believe in Hell but not Heaven or God. I just find it interesting that some people can be so nieve and believe in one and not the other. To me those places go hand in hand.

I really struggle learning about the bible and trusting in God. Then other people make me feel horrible for the struggles. Did you know even Mother Teresa struggled and had questions. I think if you were to tell me you never struggle and you have always walked the walk with God without ever questioning or without ever having the "Job" moments I would challenge you to really look at yourself. There is not one person in this world that is perfect.

You know life is what you make it. You choose to be in a dark place you will stay there. Lately I have been choosing to TRY to be as positive as I can. Boy does it feel good too. I am leaving things up to God and am trying really hard each day to remember that and to trust Him and keep my faith in Him growing.

The world is a very judgmental place. A cruel place. People afraid of what they don't know. Afraid of not being able to control their own life. Anger at the slightest things. People thinking that THEY know what is best for you and your family. I am guilty of judging but I am working on it. After all there is only One who can and should judge. I think we all forget that sometimes.

I feel like God has gifted me in the way of Photography, although the world (ie. other people) can be negative and knock me down. Some have made me feel like I should not bother. That I should pack the camera away and give up. Yet there is this still small voice that tells me to keep shooting. Guess it is time to tune out the world and to start listening to that "still small voice"

just a ramble of many things today. Hope it makes SOME sense. It has been a while since I last wrote. My bad. lol

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