Thursday, January 28, 2010

what a night!

Poor Cooper.

Last night we were at a friends house having dinner. When just out of the blue Cooper started to cry and scream. His hand went to his left ear and he said that it hurt. I was skeptical because it came on so fast. He had NO fever. My friend and I decided to give him some advil and put heat on the ear. About forty five minutes later he was FINE. Running around with the kids and playing. This all started at about 5:30. We dosed him at 6:30-ish.

So he seemed fine and continued to be fine when we got home. Bed time came and he said his ear hurt and was whimpering a bit. There was nothing I could do because the last dose was so recent. Phil was out with the car so no clinic. I told him to try to sleep because it would make it feel better.
So about a quarter to 8 he starts to really cry and scream. I bring him to bed with me to see if he would calm down. He fell asleep but barely. He was whimpering again and crying. Then the screaming started and the cries that his ear really hurt.

Phil got home at 9. By this time no clinics are open so we went to the ER just because he was screaming so loud. We wondered if maybe he put something in it, which was NOT like him, because he still had no fever.
We get to the hospital and his O2 stats were 90 then they went up to 95% so the nurse seemed happy that it went up. His pulse was good and in the hundreds. He was still screaming in pain though.

We get in to see the doc. I lay back half reclined on the bed and Cooper FINALLY falls asleep. Still whimpering in his sleep. Then in comes the doc. I knew it wouldn't go over well. He said that he wanted to look in his ear. So I held Cooper's head and body and the doctor just touched his ear lobe. Cooper woke up screaming bloody murder. Phil had to help me hold him down just so the doc could look. VERY inflamed and infected he said. The right ear was totally fine.

Because Cooper was in so much pain he gave my baby tylenol with codeine. That was his first time EVER with something more then just tylenol or motrin. He ended up conking out though.

I am not sure but he was either having wicked dreams or hallucinating. He slept with me because I am allergic to penicillin and codeine and morphine I was concerned about him with the codeine and amoxicillin. Three am he woke up screaming again and thankfully the hospital gave me a couple more doses of the tylenol with codeine. I gave him that and he slept until 8. He woke up saying his ear was fine. Just a little sore. He didn't want to eat though.

Add this on to the fact that I have been lightheaded for a couple days it was all around hard. My house is a disaster but I really can't stand long enough to do anything. I start to feel faint. Last night was hard holding him and rocking him, trying not to lose it on my own end.

He still had no fever and ear aches aren't contagious so off to school he went. He BEGGED to go to school. I feel bad for him because it looks like he has my ear problems. Which only went away AFTER I got my tonsils and adenoids out.

I feel bad for him. The school will call if he starts to complain. He is very pale though but up in spirits. So if you feel so inclined to pray please pray for healing on our household. Poor kiddo.

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