Friday, June 11, 2010


I have discovered that it is a very dangerous pain drug. I have TMJ on the left side of my jaw. It hurt so bad it sent me to the hospital. I couldn't eat or talk and that is what made Phil say, "That's're going in."

So I went. When it was time to leave they gave me enough percocet for three days. Plus gave me a dose before I left.
That drug is CRAZY! Not only did it take the pain away but it helped me sleep and check out for a while. It made me loopy and everything. But I didn't mind it. I did it at bed time when Phil was home.

But then something started to concern me. I was running out. How can I get more? Can I convince the doctor to give me more? Ummm....HELLO MISTY!!! You are no longer in pain, you don't need it. BUT! I like checking out and the feeling it gives me. Then another knock on the side of the head....HELLO MISTY!! That is addictive behavior.

So I looked it up on the internet and sure enough it can become addictive in as little as one to two doses. WHOA! That scared me.
My family has a history of addictive behavior. I never did drugs or smoked because I was always afraid I would become addicted. Sure enough I was heading down that path. A friend talked me out of it. I fought wanting to get "more" just because. I learned that it is a BIG thing on the street as well.
It is scary that a drug to relieve pain can do that to someone. I won't take it ever again if I can help it. It is scary what our modern medicine can do to people. It got me praying for those that are addicted and in the dark of their addiction. That they feel there is no way out.
I mean I know I wasn't ADDICTED per-say but I think I was catching the warning signs. I am glad I listened. Because I was honestly about to go to the clinic and get more.

Addictions are so hard. I feel for those that have thrown their lives away because of it. That are so webbed in it they don't know how to fight their way out or even if they CAN fight their way out. I have found my heart breaking for addicts lately. I am not sure why as this is a new to me experience. I have found myself wanting to pray for more and more people lately. Which is a good thing.
It just got me thinking how EASILY someone could slip and not even realize it.

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