Thursday, December 21, 2006


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I always love it when I see this nativity scene go up. I think OH!! It's almost Christmas! I love how in a world where it is no longer "politically correct" to say Merry Christmas and you now should be saying Happy Holidays, one business is not afraid to show what it is really about. One business goes out of their way to make sure that this scene is up so they can show everyone that drives past this busy intersection what it is all about. See that little baby there? That is what it is all about.
Many, many years ago God gave us a gift of His one and only Son. This gift in turn grew and shed His blood on the cross.
I am really struggling with wether or not we "do santa" around this house. How do I explain why there is gifts? Well, God gave us a gift and the Wise men gave Jesus a gift. That could be the start. We are celebrating His birth. Our Savior. But it is harder and harder not to lean towards santa. He is everywhere. Then how do I explain stockings? This is a real struggle for me. It may seem petty and dumb to some of you reading this but it is real for me. I don't want it about the presents.
Thankfully I don't have to worry about it too much this year. Then what do I do when the Grandparents write something is from Santa? I just am not sure. Do I ask them not to? That would be hard too.
Anyway.....back to my point. I love seeing this nativity scene. I absolutely love it. It makes me happy and glow. Makes me all warm inside. It reminds me. It makes me happy that someone is willing to step away from the politically correct and go with the Truth. The way we know it and we believe. Thank God there are people willing to do so. I love it. I smile every time. Stuck at that red light I find myself gazing at it. Picturing what it would have been like. Words can't even describe it.


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