Saturday, May 03, 2008

feeling attacked

now I get how some bloggers feel like they are being attacked. I was asked to join a group on facebook. I joined then I left after thinking about it. Thinking that I am not so sure that a child should be on facebook.
then I got THIS in my face book email.....
"You are an idiot to leave the group..Maybe you should have thought harder before joining the group..So what the kid has facebook what did you have to rethink about that!!! STUPID"

so I am being called an idiot and STUPID. So what gets me is how childish this really is. I responded saying that it was uncalled for and childish on their part. That I was going to be rejoining the group anyway cause I feel that a child should be able to keep in contact with family. Then I decided against it again. I have my reasons and I am entitled to them. Just didn't think I would be attacked for it!!


Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

I was halfway through reading your post, when I thought "NICE" and figured I'd write that as a comment. But you beat me to it. He he.

Some people. {rolls eyes}

Miss-buggy said...

I know hey!!!
And to think that was a father with a young little boy. Some people is for sure!!

Mike, Lyndsay, Bayleigh,Carter & Grace Bertness said...

misty, i totally agree with leaving that group. It was completely ridiculous! Don't let them upset you, you did the right thing. Seeing the trash some people put up on facebook is something no one should see let alone a child! Good for you for standing up for what is right!