Thursday, October 09, 2008

I suck at this

I feel like I am not a good parent. Like I can't handle this. I used to have more control over Cooper and now HE is controlling me. AT TWO AND A HALF!

I think I checked out a long time ago and I think he has taken advantage of that. Sure today he is sick but he is pushing every button and stretching things as far as they can go. It is like I don't know how to discipline him anymore. I have stopped being consistent. I have to get that back.

I feel like I have failed as a parent and like I shouldn't be doing this. That Phil will be more suited to it. Right now Cooper is pitching a fit because he wants me to "come back". I told him if he didn't lay down I would leave. Prayers were done, books were read and kisses were given. Hugs were administered and so was a song. He insisted on pushing me and saying he wanted another book. I said no.

So right now he is calling for me, screaming is more like it and I am trying to just let it go. It is hard as my every being wants to go and scoop him up and cuddle him. I will go in there and put him back in bed and tell him he needs to stay in bed but I just feel like I don't even know what I am doing anymore.

He used to be so well behaved. That went out the window. I am sure you ask anyone and they will tell you how he is. He is a very high spirited, controlling child. Apparently just like I was as a child.

Maybe I am not cut out for this parenting thing. Maybe I should only have one. I need to check back in and figure out consistency. It has been a long day and I feel like I just can't take anymore.

and I just got a call from the local Liberal party in my area. Grr....stupid telemarketers.

Maybe I need to check into a mental institute and not come out. LOL. I hear the jackets are nice. hahaha.....

crazy, crazy, going crazy, 1...2....3....4...going crazy.....switch....

LOL. kidding.


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wilsonian said...

Hang in there, luv. From what I read here, you are a perfectly normal mother of a young child. Yes, the crazy part is normal too...