Tuesday, October 28, 2008

weigh in at the gym tonight

So I got back from the gym and I thought I would update. I could have done better but at least I lost not gained.

I could have done so much better had I stuck to it BUT with that being said, I feel like I have done well considering. Also seeing the results.

So the measurements from Aug. 11 are when I first joined, then today.

Aug. 11 ~~~~~~ Oct. 28 total

weight 199.0lbs ~~~~~~ 182.4lbs (-16.6)
Shoulders 43" ~~~~~~ 42" (-1")
Chest 42" ~~~~~~ 40.5" (-1.5")
Waist 38" ~~~~~~ 35.75 (-2.25")
Hips 48" ~~~~~~ 43" (she redid this measurement 3 times!) (-5")
Thighs 25.5" ~~~~~~ 23" (-2.5")
Calf(sp?) 16" ~~~~~~ 15.5 (-.5")
Abs 40" ~~~~~~ 38" (-2")
Bicept 13.25" ~~~~~~ 12.5" (-.75")
Bicept flex 14" ~~~~~~ 13.5" (-.5")

She is doing a new schedule up for me. I have to get past the weight number and the body fat which is at 40.1 now instead of 41.4. My BMI is 27.7 instead of the 29.4 it was. I have to get past those crazy numbers because I did lose. I could be worse! I do feel proud of myself and have to stop focussing on the negative.


Sue said...

I'm sorry, you lost me...where is the negative in this? It seems all positive to me!

Mandy said...

WAY TO GO!!! keep up the good work!

wilsonian said...

Yay you!
Progress is good. You're being good to your body. It's an investment that will pay off for a long long time!