Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Seven Steps to Freedom

*another view point from the book, "Answers and Hope for the Struggling Christian." by Henry Warkentin

So upon reading some more I came across a chapter called, "Seven Steps to Freedom" p.86. Naturally I went in to the chapter as just a read. But then I went back and re-read it deciding I would actually take the time to at least do this for ONE area. I wanted to write it out here.

Henry suggests that the steps to freedom "can show us how to take back the ground we have conceded to Satan. It is not enough to KNOW about our sin, we also need to deal with it." p.86 (emphasis mine)
The steps are as follows:

1. Identify the Lie - "the lie will come through thoughts and feelings." p.87

2. Confess believing the Lie as Sin - "Believing a lie is a sin against God." p.87

3. Ask forgiveness for believing the Lie - "believing the lie must be confessed, and asking for forgiveness is mandatory." p.88

4. Thank God for the Forgiveness - "By thanking Him we are accepting that the sin is gone." p.88

5. Take Authority - "We have to choose to believe that this authority is now ours, just as Jesus said." p.89

6. Confess the Truth in that Area - "ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (John 8:32)" p.90

7. Ask God to Fill the Released Area with the Holy Spirit - "We don't want that area left with an empty void, so we must ask God to fill the released area with the Holy Spirit." p.91

WHEW!!! Sounds like a LOT of work but here goes nothing.......

1. I am not worthy

2. Lord, I have been believing this lie and thus am sinning.

3. Father please forgive me that I believe this lie. That I feel in my heart that I am not worthy and never will be. Please forgive me that this in turn makes me hesitant to trust. ""I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!" (Mark 9:24)

4. Thank you Father that You are so forgiving. That you still love me and forgive me with open arms.

5. Satan, PISS OFF. I AM worthy and you are not to bother me or lead me to believe in this lie of not being worthy anymore.

6. The truth is that I am worthy because of You Jesus. Because of Your blood. Thank you.

7. Please Father God, help to fill this area where the lie, the sin, the unbelief sat for so long. Please help me to fill it with Your truth, Your trust and Your love. Because I am worthy through you. YOU believe I am worthy.

ok did it. Now that is just something I will have to make sure I try my hardest to keep remembering over and over.

I have never felt worthy but the truth is that I am in fact worthy because of Jesus. Lately my son has come up with a VERY interesting question. "Mommy, who bought me." At first I told that little three and a half year old boy that no one bought him. That he is ours.

Then it got me thinking and I think I was more prepared for the question when it came later that night.
"Mommy, who bought me."
"Well Cooper, Jesus bought you."
"How Mommy?"
"Remember your book tells you that the blood of Jesus was shed on the cross?"
"well that blood was the price that Jesus paid for us. Because He loves you and cares for you."

yeah it would have been nice if the questions stopped there. But the next day he asked the same thing again and I gave the same answer. Then he threw me for a loop.
"Mommy who bought you?"
pause, silence, small sigh.....
"Jesus did."
"Because Jesus loves me just like He loves you. He bought us so that we can spend eternity with Him in Heaven."
"Because God believes in us and believes that we are worthy."

ummmm..........there it was right there. I was telling my own son that WE were worthy. Not just Cooper was worthy but I was worthy too. We were made worthy through Jesus and I guess writing that on my bathroom mirror and seeing it every day is starting to sink home.
I can tell you it felt good to admit that out loud to my son.
I had someone this past month who had hurt me deeply in my past apologize. They told me they are ready to make a change. WOW! Then I am starting to realize as well that through Jesus I am worthy. I didn't DO anything to BE worthy but that is the point. He loves me just the same.

So Lord, in closing......forgive me. Help me break the lie. Help me be an example. Help me to trust you and know that I am indeed worthy.

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