Sunday, March 13, 2011

Like New

Laying in bed listening to the birds yesterday morning I found myself smiling. It is a new season and Spring is coming. Hearing the birds sing and coming back to the life around me. Hearing the new songs around me. Seeing life springing up all around.

I laid in bed just listening. Thinking of how all the new life was beginning again around me. Then my little girl squirmed within me. I was smiling about another new life growing and thriving within me.

God was giving me a glimpse of something. I was reminded of the verse, "His mercies are new every morning." Every morning a new season starts. Every morning the slate is wiped clean and He graciously gives us His mercy. Not because we deserve it but because He loves us so much to give us the gift of His love and mercy.

It just amazes me that as life begins around me and within me. Only because He loves us and that is enough for Him.

I am sure this is scattered but my brain is just in awe right now. The new beginnings. Not because we deserve it but because He wants us to experience it.

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