Monday, May 09, 2011


Thank you.

two little words that can make someone's day. I know that when I am truly thanked it makes me smile. Something about knowing how appreciated someone is that can just lift your spirits. Thank you can be two words to show how you are feeling in your heart.

Yet I find myself struggling with those words right now.

I will be 33 weeks pregnant on Wednesday. 33 weeks in to a pregnancy that in my heart I never ever thought would happen. A pregnancy that I was at one point only dreaming of. Then 18 weeks in to the pregnancy we found out that God had blessed us with a healthy baby girl. Her heart is perfect. She is developing perfect. Which, was a concern because of my anti-depressants and the risks that they could cause to the developing child. For me though the risks of being OFF the meds were greater. So I placed it all in God's hands. His hands are bigger and more capable then my own.

With this pregnancy I am learning more and more about walking in Faith. Feeling the child move inside me reminds me of how big and how great God is. That she is in God's hands. I think about it and cry. I whisper thank you through the tears. But I feel like it just isn't enough. HOW do you thank the God of the universe? Does He laugh at me when I say thank you because the words are so petty to someone so vast and big?

I search my heart for just the right words but nothing comes. All I can do is cry happy tears and thankful tears. All I can say over and over is thank you. It just doesn't seem right. It feels like there must be SOMETHING I can say or do to get across just how thankful I truly am.

I was told that God knows my heart. But I have to be able to find the words to express it. I just have to. Or do I?

Do I just keep walking in faith believing that God knows how deep my gratitude and love runs for Him? How grateful we are for the gift He has blessed us with. How thankful we are that she is healthy, growing and thriving. How thankful that we are with Him protecting her.

I can't wait until the day that I get to hold her in my arms. To see the gift we have been blessed with face to face. Yet I know I will continually struggle to find just the right words. I hope that Thank You will be enough for now. That the tears He sees are full of gratitude and amazement at Him. Although I know there must be MORE I just hold fast to the faith that He does indeed know my heart. He does know how it swells for Him. How much I love Him.

So Father, Father of all creation I stand meekly in front of your throne and say thank you. I offer my heart to you and I thank you.

"Now, our God, (I) give you thanks, and praise your glorious name." 1Chronicles 29:13

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