Saturday, June 02, 2007

Cooper can say....


LOL! It is SO cute! Ever since he was tiny and first started solids, at 6 months, I would always say a prayer and thank God for his food and then end with, In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.
I wondered what the point was in saying it so young but I continued. Then yesterday at lunch I said the prayer and then said Amen. Cooper went 'amin'. Sue's Grandma heard it, and she can't hear all that well. She said, he said amen. I was like YAY! That means you heard it too. I wasn't crazy!
Then at dinner we said the same thing and Amen. He proceded to say it clearer then before. Then would even say it on command.
I love our son! He is SO smart!! You can see him trying to put words together. He is trying really, really hard to get the right word out.
Oh and his top right molar has poked through the surface and the top left is coming through. Getting so darn big!


Sue said...

He is very 'helpful' too, sweeps the floor, picks up his clothes, and helps auntie with the folding. He's wonderful.

rodbot said...

So fun! He is growing so fast!

logan said...

hey misty hows it goin? how old is he getting now? it seems not too long ago you where still preganit and viseted me in the hospital lol

Miss-buggy said...

hey Logan. I am good. That was a long time ago that I visited you in the hospital. How have you been feeling?