Thursday, June 21, 2007


We are going camping at the end of the month. I am TOTALLY excited!!
I am already starting to pack little things here and there.
We are heading up to a place just before Chilliwack lake. We went the same time last year. It is a yearly tradition to go camping on or around my birthday. To top it off Phil has the whole week off. The first week of July. Cooper was so tiny our last trip. And I now have a KICKASS camera (in my opinon) and am looking forward to taking tons of pictures. I have two 1GB memory cards. That equals lots of pictures!! Will make sure my batteries are charged!
We are going with Michelle, Rod, Payton, Samara, Sue, Dennis, Joel (I think he is coming), my in laws Phil, Cooper and myself. Lots of fun!!
I am totally looking forward to it. I have three lists ready to go with at least two more that need to be written. I worry about being able to afford it but I am trusting Phil. It will be really neat to see Cooper this year. This was him last year:

this year he will be running around like crazy. Kinda worries me but there are a lot of people and his favorite Payton will be there. He just LOVES her!! LOL!! So this should be fun.....

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Michelle said...

We are excited over here too. Every time I say we are going camping soon Payton says "And Cooper too!" They will have a blast, I still remember all the camping trips as a child. LOVED IT!

We'll see how it goes with the 2 girls!