Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hillarious way to wake up this morning

Phil goes and gets Cooper in the morning right now to help with the weaning. So from the next room I hear, let's go show Mommy. I am thinking, "oh great, what happened?" So in come's Phil and Cooper. What do I see? A COMPLETELY nude baby! He took his diaper off last night. I didn't get any pictures though[:(]
So I go and check his crib and he must have had it off for a long time. The sheet was SOAKED, the bumper pad was wet on the side right up to the top and the bed skirt was wet too. I can honestly say this is the first time he has peed the bed. LOL. He must have been REALLY hot last night!


Michelle said...


Oh dear..now that he's figured that one out you could be in for trouble!

Nicole said...

just hope that it isn't a trend, you'll be getting wet sheets every morning, and it probably wont be funny after a little more :(