Tuesday, July 03, 2007

we're home!!

and I am off to unpack and clean
Cooper is happily playing with his toys. I am sneaking the computer and Phil is asleep with his head on Cooper's foam chair. The first thing Cooper went gor was his books. He seems so happy to be home. We still have Phil home for a week!!
Cooper did alright. Nights were tough. Unfamiliar place. He even started nursing in the night again. Sigh...oh well....back to routine. I gave him what he needed when he needed while camping. Including night time cuddles[;)]
He was exploring EVERY where. He LOVED IT!! He is a severe daddy suck right now. We did LOTS of hiking. Picutres will come. Trying to think of the best way to do it cause there may be lots.
We were just tired and done with camping. We just wanted to come home. [:P] BUT it was a great experience. Now off to clean. I wish I could go lay down though. LOL. Why is it when you go camping you come back MORE tired!!

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