Thursday, January 31, 2008


I have been sick for far too long. At LEAST a month now. I am really starting to get very frustrated and discouraged.
Today is one of those days I wish I could call in sick but Cooper is sick too. I was feeling good for ONE day then started having a coughing fit and then it just never went away. Now I sit here with a slight fever, 99.3*F, pressure in my sinuses and waiting for the daycare boy who also has this cold. I cried cause I just want to go to bed. Cooper doesn't have a fever this morning but he had one for most of the day yesterday. The highest it went was 101.7
I just want to be better. I was told that I may have asthma. So now I have to get an inhaler. I am seeing double today. I don't want the daycare boy but at the same time Cooper and him entertain one another. There is a method behind my madness. The daycare boy has the same cold.
Phil can't be home cause then we loose money. Sigh....had to vent. I am just so frustrated. I feel fat, ugly and sick. When is it gonna end!

Plus there is a lot I can't take due to my medical related allergies. Sigh......

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