Friday, February 01, 2008


to be honest I haven't really been "up to" blogging lately. But I try to remember to read blogs.
Through Sue I found the pioneer Woman. I must admit she is very funny. I enjoy her play on words and looking at her photography. This woman is amazing at taking photographs. I hope to get that good one day.
As of right now I have a photoblog in the works. I would like to do a website but there are a few reasons I don't do it.
a) I am no where near good enough
b) I am just learning
c) not sure if there would be enough interest

so for now the blog will be the one I am doing. I so badly am trying to learn how to take better photos. Also learning how to use my manual mode on my camera. Yes I do want a DSLR but my camera is a great camera and I have seen many photos that look awesome with a point and shoot. Although my camera is a point in shoot it also has great potential and allows me to work in manual mode.
anyway....getting off the topic.....
what was the topic?
oh yeah....blogs
so I will be trying to get back into reading the blogs I enjoy. I will post my photography blog when I have it more figured out. But I suggest you head over to Pioneer Woman's site. I think you will get a kick out of it as much as I have and be amazed at her work as much as I am. I can not imagine being away from neighbours and stuff but to be honest I think it would be cool to be around horses. To drive cattle. Cool! Happy blogging and enjoy the reading.

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