Saturday, April 12, 2008

how's THAT for prayer!!

So today is Cooper's 2nd birthday party. The weather has been pretty gross the past little while. We had about a week of sun then it went right back to rain. So myself and a few other people have been praying non stop for nice weather.
I in specific have been praying that the weather be dry on friday, yesterday, so that the grass is dry on Saturday for the kids to have an easter egg hunt. Then prayed for a beautiful sunny day for today.
Guess what I woke up to! SUN!!! There are only whisps of clouds in the sky. You know, the ones that God puts there just to decorate a bit more. ;) Yesterday was partly sunny with no rain. So we have a nice dry day today.
God is so darn amazing! In my heart I knew that he would do it and to see it like this today just makes my heart swell with pride for having such an awesome Father.

Thank you God for such an amazing day. Thank you for a look into your splendor and for answered prayers. Thank you for this opportunity to tell non-belivers about the power of prayer.

My family is all non believers on my side. Except for my oldest younger brother (got that?) So to me I see this as an opportunity to slide in, yep, the power of prayer. When they mention how beautiful it is. Always given opportunities to praise Him!! Pictures to come!! Now hopefully the day will go smoothly!

oh and by the is supposed to go back to rain the rest of the week, with even a chance of snow flurries on Wednesday!!

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Anonymous said...

Saturday was the most amazing day! Your prayers were definitely answered in a huge way!!! Can you pray some more? ;)