Tuesday, April 22, 2008

with a toddler EVERY DAY is eventful!!

what a day today! Sue and I went out to Coquitlam to go to Old Navy. I was on the hunt for pants for Phil. So we shopped most of the afternoon. Cooper was VERY well behaved. Then I decided to go by a bathing suit store (BIG mistake on my part. I should never go into those.) But anyway......
both Sue and I saw Cooper hiding in among the bathing suits. We figured he was pooping. We were right. LOL! So we walked over to the washrooms to change his bum. Slight problem, there were no diapers in his back pack. So I check my purse only to remember I took them out the other day because I was going out by myself and didn't need to carry them. DANG! Not even the type of poop you could shake into the toilet. So I remembered the diaper bag in the car so we went out there. Only to realize it was an empty diaper bag. No change of clothes or anything. NO DIAPERS! I couldn't let him sit in it.
So being a mom I improvised.....I found a maxi pad in the diaper bag. PERFECT! LOL!!! So I put it on him then Sue handed my his winter hat. I put it over top of that and tied it the best I could around his waist. Then I put his pants on while Sue took a plastic bag and put it over the car seat to catch anything. Dreading the trip home but he was none the wiser. And the pad soaked it right up and there were no leaks! Maybe I should write the company. LOL!!

On the way home he was talking to us and calling us and trying to show us pictures from his book. I told him, "Cooper honey, Auntie Sue and I cannot see what you are pointing at right now. So please stop."
Sue turns to me and says "good luck with that. I remember when my boys....." then IN FLIES A BOOK!!!
Cooper threw the book from the back to up front so we could look. The timing was PERFECT. Here mom, now you can see. We laughed for like 10 minutes. Both Sue and I were sore!! I couldn't even give him trouble cause we were laughing too hard. And he is rear facing passenger side. So he flung the book over his head and it hit my hand. I have one smart kid there. I am screwed!! LOL!!!

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Mike, Lyndsay, Bayleigh,Carter & Grace Bertness said...

hahaha, love the diaper story!!!!!!