Monday, March 19, 2007


For some reason I find myself reflecting over the last year. So much has happened. I can't believe Cooper is almost one.
I was remembering my birth experience. I am so thankful that it was such a happy one for me and it went so smoothly. After hearing some of the horror stories I am so glad mine went well. And I got this out of it:

Then I was remembering how tiny he used to be. As I sat in the dark room this morning nursing Cooper I remembered when he barely fit on my arm. He was so tiny....

compared to this morning when I looked down at him and saw how BIG he was. LOL. He doesn't fit along my arm. His bum reaches over to my other hip. His legs reach off the side of the recliner.
He would lay on my chest and stretch out and still be above my belly and now when he lays down and stretches out his little head hits under my chin and his feet go half way down my thighs. big.
I remember first starting him on food. That first taste of rice cereal.

and this morning I put a piece of dry toast onto his tray along with some scrambled egg yolk. And his cup. He eats all by himself.

Each day he does something more to make himself that much closer to independance from Mommy. Each day makes it so that he can do things on his own. But sometimes only the Mommy will do and that makes me feel so special.
Close to tears today just remembering. How the heck am I gonna be on his birthday? Where did the baby go? I am so thankful for this little man. He makes everything worth it.
Thanks for reading this far if you did and letting me share my babble. My sappy remembrance. How time flies when you are having fun..........
Thank you God for your amazing gift of a miracle. Every time I look at this perfect little boy it blows me away how You can create something so beautiful and You believe in us to raise him. Thank you

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Mike, Lyndsay, Bayleigh and Carter said...

I know the time just flies by so fast! I am lucky I like the older stages so I never really missed the baby stage. The pictures are very cute!