Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A fun day!

Yesterday I got to meet Miss. Biscotti Brain herself!! She is such a sweet heart! Just like I pictured her! There are so many people I would love to meet from the blog world and she was one of them. She is so fun and her laugh is infectious!!
Sue and I went and picked her up from Lori's house. Lori wasn't going to come for dinner but we managed to twist her rubber arm and she ended up coming. I had a blast. So there we all were in White Spot. A BC restaurant. Lori, Erin, Sue, Cooper and I. It was so fun.
We got to talking about Lori's dog Frodo. Now if you have met Frodo you know that he is definitely a one of a kind dog! I love him! So does Phil. He has so much spunk. Erin was talking about his drool habit and I said watch out for the other end! He lets some wicked farts out too. She had no idea. She said she was pushing his head away and turning him so she didn't get the drool on her. She was lucky she didn't get farted on.
So we got to talking about fart. LOL. Funny! I have a friend that would have been RIGHT at home with that conversation. Lori was telling us about her first encounters with Frodo. Pretty funny.
Then I opened my big mouth......
I told them how Phil (sorry hun....) can let some wicked ones go silently but then try to blame it on Cooper. He will own up to them most of the times but sometimes he blames it on Cooper. Then I hear it. HI PHIL!! I look over and sure enough Phil was walking over to the table. He was coming to pick Cooper up for me so I can have some "girl" time.
OH BOY!! Did my face ever go red. And the table just erupted with laughter. That deep from the gut laughter and the more we laughed the louder we got. It was great. I actually saw some people look at us but then they started laughing. The contagious laughter.
Phil had no idea how perfect his timing was. I told him later and he just laughed. Thankfully he has a great sense of humor. But I bet he will read this and that will be the end of me. LOL!! But all in all it was such a fun night.
Hoping more people I know will come and visit the West Coast of Canada. Hey it is your turn with your wife and kids! I would love to meet you all one day! It is kinda cool how small our world is. It is also funny how an event like yesterday is turned into something that we now call as "blogable"

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So I Go said...

that would be awesome!
sounds like you had a great time :-)