Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It's 4:30 am what are you doing?

I am sitting here listening to my baby scream and cry. Yeah I know that sounds terrible but there is nothing else I can do.
This is the second time we have been up tonight. Well second for me, first for Phil.
Cooper is sick. You would think that like most kids he just wants to cuddle with Mommy and or Daddy then he would go back to sleep. Well........I truly have a one of a kind son.
He doesn't want cuddles. I pick him up and hold him and he does the same thing. SCREAMS. We figured he is probably in pain from the cold. We gave him motrin. You would think it would make him sleepy. Nope he is still screaming.
I hold him and he fights me. Kicks at me and hits me and screams. I put him in the crib and he does the same thing. Phil holds him and the same thing. He will calm down for a minute or two but then go right back at it. I go in there and he gets worse. Doesn't want to be held or to lay down.
Come on kid! You are sick.......most people sleep when they are sick. Nope. Not my one of a kind kid. I wouldn't trade him for the world. But I can tell you that Daddy's new invention of a baby tranquilizer is sounding appealing right about now. JUST KIDDING!
Oh I hope he starts feeling better soon. Sleeping through the night again would be nice. lol.
Then I start to wonder...........hmmmmm.......he's inconsolable. When does that become a concern? He won't stop no matter what. When do I become concerned about that if at all? Anyone??


So I Go said...

sounds like an ear infection to me, being the ear infection pro i've become with 4 kids.. i hope it's not that, but the inconsolable crying when you lay him down or try to hold him sounds suspicious.

ThePassionateChef said...

it's 5 am, and I'm also up, unable to sleep. Maybe me and Cooper are linked somehow :o

Nicole said...

If its an ear infection, or even a cold, Auntie Sue I believe has some Watkins medicated ointment (green tin). Take a small amount with your finger and run it along behind the bottom of the ears to where the lymph nods are. That helps open up the tiny tubes behidn the ears which are why children get more frequent ear infections. If its a cold, you can rub a bit of it on his chest. And its safer than Vick's Vabour Rub because it does not contain turpentine!

Miss-buggy said...

Jeff.......that's what I thought. Definately suspicious. But then I tried to nurse him and he ate a little bit but I think it was more for comfort then anything. He seems to be ok now. He was acting sick yesterday. You know, wanting to play and stuff but laying on the floor cause he had no energy. But last night was MUCH better and he has been playing AND trying to walk all morning. I had ear infections BAD as a kid so I am paranoid of him getting it. And our medical runs out in about a month. I know that perscription can be expensive! But like I said, he seems fine now.

Josh.....You two will always be linked somehow. Now start sleeping better so my kid will too!! LOL!!

Nicole...Vicks has terpentine in it? WHAT!! Maybe that is why it burned my chest the last time I used it. I have sensitive skin. I was just cleaning and found a container of that ointment (sorry sue. hehe) Maybe I will try that on him tonight. Do you have a website or a big catalog for Watkins? I heard they have some good stuff for eczema and dry skin. And you are gonna make an awesome mom one day. Don't rush it yet. But when the time comes you are going to great!!

Nicole said...

I heard somewhere along the line that Vick's vapour rub has turpentine in it; or something similiar thats bad for you; tends to burn your skin or the delicate lining of your lungs when you breath in. You can go to www.watkinsonline.com and search through the catalogue; it is broken down into catergories and you can click on the link for information about the product. I also have a full catalogue I can let you look through.