Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Day 4 and I feel a wee bit stressed

Today is day 4. The boys had a 4 day weekend from one another so today it was like starting all over again.
My heart is aching and I even feel on the edge of tears. I know it may be stupid but I didn't ever think it would be so tough to transition and help the boys learn. I have gone from barely telling Cooper no for hugs or that was enough, to telling him ALL the time. Or redirecting him. It is hard cause he is so affectionate and the other little boy just doesn't want it. Cooper looks at the other boy the wrong way and the other boy cries. This is so hard. I feel like my kid is a bully or something. In actuality he just really likes to give hugs.
He will knock this other kid flat down. I feel bad for the kid and console him while redirecting Cooper.
We went to the park today and the two of them won't even play together. Ran into another lady and saw my neighbours daughter with her. Cooper saw her too and went to hug her. Knocked her to the ground. Then I was SUPER embarassed. Cause he kept doing it. He was just giving kisses and hugs. I kept appologizing to the lady then I just ended up leaving.
I don't know what to do. I don't want to give up watching this kid. But I couldn't help but wonder what was "wrong" with my son. Why he did this. Then the little boy played with the other kids while Cooper went off and played by himself. I didn't get it. Was he being a loner? He plays well with Payton. How do I get him to be more gentle? How do I shake this feeling that I have done something wrong. I feel like I have done a good job raising him so far but I wonder where I messed up.
sigh.....feeling a wee bit stressed today......


Sue said...

Developmentally Cooper is too young to recognize that other children can 'play' with him. So I wouldn't worry about that, he's pretty normal. In fact, because he is giving affection to other children and (sometimes) showing compassion, he is a little advanced for his age. All this wisdom comes from my developmental psychology class back in university. I guess it stuck with me because I had a child at the time too.

Michelle said...

I agree with Sue!

There is nothing wrong with Cooper! Don't add that worry to your stress! He is young for interactive play, usually at that age play dates consist of the kids playing independently beside each other. He will with age also realize when another child doesn't want the affection. He's so young! Everything is a learning process. I have faith you guys will find a groove