Wednesday, September 12, 2007

this is terrible

and I know you may all think I am a rotten person but...

I seperated the kids. I put a gate up across the hallway that leads to Cooper's room and put toys, lots of them, on that side. The little guy is over there and Cooper is in the living room. I hate having to restrict the kids, let alone my own, to different parts of the house. I seriously think this kid hates it here. Hates us.
I can't tell Cooper no to hugging I just have been redirecting. I want to quit but deep back in my mind I hope and pray that it will work out one day. That they will start getting along. Funny thing is that when he used to visit before they were great together. When out and about they are good too. Must be something about my house.
But how would you feel as a parent if you came to pick up your kid only to see them seperated? They have been this way for a half hour and are both behaving properly.
I am tempted to try them together again but I have a headache from the crying all day. Not to mention the toy box is on the couch cause Cooper keeps standing on it. He is not even able to get up on the couch now!
I know we need the money, I would like to start saving and splurge on little things, but I am praying this settles. Phil is extremely supportive of whatever decision I make. But I don't want to fail. I don't want to be known as someone who gives up and is a failure. Makes me wonder about two kids!!! LOL!!

ok vent done.....for now.....

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