Wednesday, September 05, 2007

YAY! Day two

so they both went down at 11:30ish. Cooper in his room, Adin in mine. They both fell asleep by about 11:45. It is now 1:51 and they are both sleeping still. I am so excited! I even napped

Cooper is doing much better. I haven't told him no as much today. What I do now is just watch and see what he does and sometimes he just touches Adin who then freaks out. So I find myself telling adin that it is ok. That he will be alright. I get down to his level and say, he is not hurting you. But I also redirect Cooper to a big stuffed bunny and tell him to hug the heck out of him! LOL!!
Today we came in from our walk and I let both boys out of the stroller. Cooper knows the drill and followed me to the elevator. Adin just stood at the door smiling. So I said to Cooper, "Cooper, can you go get Adin? Hold his hand and bring him here?" So he then walks over to Adin and grabs his hand and walks him to the elevator. He keeps holding his hand until the door closes then he lets go. When we get to our floor he grabs Adin's hand again and walks him to the door. It was really cute. Once we were in the house he let go of his hand. Awww.....


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awww, they are going to be so good for each other.