Wednesday, September 05, 2007

more cooper pics

fell asleep in his stroller. He NEVER does that!!

BIG TIRE. Grandpa's tractor

Daddy & Cooper

a "flower"


Michelle said...

Very cute!

Sue said...

Maybe he was able to fall asleep in the stroller because he had Rupert with him, but you are right, he never does that.
Adorable pictures-especially like the one with the tractor tire.

Miss-buggy said...

funny thing is sue.....
when I was pulling him out of the car he lunged for Rupert and when I tried to put him back in the car he wouldn't let me. Kinda like he was saying, I want to cuddle cause I am tired. LOL

ramble on said...

I love him Misty he is so cute! You really do have a gift for taking pictures. That is something you should pursue along with your cake making.