Saturday, October 06, 2007

Cooper went to the ER last night

what a day. I can honestly tell you I am exhausted.
So it looks like Cooper doesn't have an ear infection after all. He again had a fever yesterday of 102.2 and just before I went to the hospital it was 102.8. He was extremely lethargic. I put him down on the couch to go get him some juice mixed with water and within the three minutes it took me to do that he was sound asleep again. Which is what he did all day.
At one o'clock in the afternoon yesterday I went back to his doctor. He rechecked his ears and his throat and listened to his chest. This time I was sent for blood work and an urine test for him. The dr was thinking it could have been a blood infection. So my mind went into over time. AGAIN. We walked to the building beside the office and went to get his blood taken. I tell you it is sheer hell to sit there and watch them try to take blood from your child's arm. Cooper was screaming bloody murder, who would blame him, and the way he looked at me broke my heart which made me continue to cry. The whole time I was telling him he was such a good boy and that I was so proud of him. We had finally gotten home after that big ordeal by 4:30.
His doctor told me that if he remains lethargic or his fever increases to take him straight to the ER. So come 5ish last night I did just that. He had become more lethargic and yesterday I barely saw his eyes at all. He just clung to me all day. I let him. I lay on my bed with him sleeping beside me.
So off to the ER.....Phil couldn't make it there until 7 cause of work and having to meet with someone just after 6. So I called some friends to see if someone could be with me. I knew most of my friends, actually all of them, had plans but I called anyway. Guess I was kind of prolonging going in cause I was hoping he would all of a sudden perk up. Nope. So I went to the ER. I am literally running on gas fumes. Registered him pretty quick. I guess when it comes to kids they take it seriously and push them through. Plus the fact they could see how lethargic he was.
I would be lying to you if I told you I was calm, cool and collected. I tried so hard to remain that way but the tears just fell but when Cooper would look up at me I would look down and give him a smile. Telling him it would be ok.
While waiting to go into the ER itself my pastor showed up. Greg said he was praying for Cooper which I said was good cause at that point in time I didn't feel I had the strength to do so myself. Thankfully he had come cause I had to go to the washroom. So I got him to hold Cooper while I went. I had eaten only a chocolate bar by this point of the day. Cooper had apple sauce, some fluids and a fruit snack.
So anyway Greg had to get going. We get called into the ER. The doctor checks him out and listens to his chest. Then tells me that cause the blood work and the urine sample that I did earlier that day is not yet available they have to do it again and this time he wants a chest xray too.
So off to xray we go. I looked at the nurse and I said "I am NOT leaving him" she said it was fine but we just had to step behind the wall while the picture took. My poor son. Put into this contraption with his little arms in the air and secured in by a plastic tube. Mommy in front the whole time telling him it was ok, she was there. Telling him I was proud of him. Telling him he was a good boy.
When we had checked into the ER his temperature was 39.3 which translates to 102.7 but it may have been 39.8 my mind is a little foggy, which translates to 103. either way he was hot. So once the xrays were done back to waiting we went. Here came the vampires. That is what Phil calls him. So they moved us to a bed and we literally had to hold Cooper down for more poking and proding to find the vein. heart wrenching. So time for tylenol which this time brought it down after 3 hours. Although I just checked on him and he is warm again. but anyway...the waiting game continued.
The dr came back and said that his white blood cell count was ok. But he has an infection in his throat and a little bronchitis. That he wanted to wake him to see how he responded. I got to see my baby for a bit. He was MAD though. How DARE you wake me up! But we got some juice into him. So we went home with strict instructions that if he is not better or he gets worse within 24-48 hours we were supposed to bring him back.
Ran into a sweet lady that ended up beside us, thank you God I saw what You were doing, and she peeked over and said that she was praying for us. That since she saw us come into the ER at the same time as them she has been saying little prayers. I thanked her and told her that it was needed cause I had no strength at the moment to pray.
So it is 6:30 and I have been awake for a hour. I fell asleep at 12 last night. I just can't seem to sleep. So worried. I know I am gonna regret it but what is a mom to do. My poor baby. What an ordeal, bigger for him but hard for both of us just the same.
He has been lifted in prayer and I am so thankful. I am just praying that he gets better. I miss my baby.


wilsonian said...

Praying for you all...

Mystic2mom said...

poor baby!!!!!!!

so i go said...

so sorry, i'm late to this post.. hope he's all better by now (and that nothing else has taken its place)

Miss-buggy said...

thanks everyone! Thanks Jeff too. He is totally fine now. He had a bought of the stomach flu too right after that whole ordeal. Thank goodness no throwing up!
Now I need a vacation! Hard work with babies, let alone when they are sick!