Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Double Whammy

poor Cooper

I noticed today that he was a little whiney and clingy. Not usually like him. He felt warm and was poking at his ears. My gut told me that he had an ear infection.
So when Phil got home he took us to a walk in clinic and Cooper has a double ear infection. Poor guy. So we gave him motrin tonight until we could go and get the medication filled.
I just knew something was up and I must say that I love that mommy instinct. Makes me feel so special and gives me that connection I feel. I love my kid. He even went to bed without a tub. He ate some dinner and snuggled with me. Then I put him down and he whimpered but that was it. He was so tired. I just checked on him and he is warm. Just gonna keep an eye on him tonight.

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