Thursday, October 25, 2007

I was in the ER this morning

so the past week, week and a half or so I have had this cough. To the point where I would cough then almost barf. It was starting to REALLY HURT. Last night I barely slept and had a coughing attack for almost 45 minutes. My throat was hurting and my chest was tight. When I woke up in the morning at 6:30 to get on with my day I realized that I needed to be seen by a dr. I couldn't catch my breath. My chest felt painful and like someone was crushing it. So after talking to phil I went in. My wonderful husband called in to work and stayed home to watch Cooper and the daycare kid. I thought everything would be fine so I thought he would be back at work. I got home just after 10 feeling like crapola. I am STILL shaking and it is 1pm. Nothing more scarey then not being able to breathe.
So they did a chest xray, some kind of breathing thing and then gave a nebulizer to me so it would open my lungs so I could breathe. The GREAT thing was that MY family dr was the dr on call that day. So I saw him. So that made me feel a bit more comfortable. So the results.....I have an infection in my right lung. He gave me a script, which my wonderful husband is going to get filled now. Phil is staying home. He has dealt with the kids all day. Let me lay down and take it easy. I am a control person and everything needs to be done a certain way but I have totally let go of that today. He is doing such a great job and is taking care of me. God couldn't have given me a better man.

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