Sunday, September 08, 2013

I need to remember this one

"Hey, you remember that dessert you "shouldn't have eaten last night" or or that piece of bread "you KNOW will go straight to your thighs" or that second drink you had, but "you will regret tomorrow"?

Yeah, you remember....NOW forget about it, move on, nothing to see (or dwell on) here.

Don't replay a "not so ideal" eating choice over and over again in your mind.
Don't try to use regret or guilt as motivation.
Don't dwell. Your past is done! The time is NOW! The only food choice that matters, is your next one, the only one you have complete control of.

Remember your long-term health and weight loss goals, think about your way of eating values, and don't bother about damage control.

YOUR purpose and reasons for creating a sustainable way of eating should always be remembered, even in times of "falling off the wagon."

You will NOT self-sabotage your goals and/or values with one poor choice.

You will GROW and become STRONGER from using every choice as an opportunity to become healthier." -- The Cafe Wellness

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