Friday, January 07, 2005


I know, I know. It started yesterday but I have just gotten the opportunity to write now. I absolutely love the snow, every aspect of it. I am actually disappointed that I can't go out and play in it because I have no one to play with. I was driving home last night from Aldergrove out to Abbotsford. It was pretty scarey at some spots but I came out just fine. As much as I complain about my car and how I want a new one I sure do love it. My car is like a tank, a front wheel drive machine, in the snow. She just plows right through it all. Never had a single problem. Just before heading onto the freeway at 232nd street we hit the white out. It was crazy!!! I was going way under the speed limit and I was worried that I would piss people off then I decided I didn't care. I wouldn't end up in the ditch. I ended up being a part of a convoy. We were all doing only about 40km and could barely see the car in front of us. We all had our hazards on out of respect for passing motorists. To my surprise we were joined rather than passed. Then when we hit the rest stop and a little further on the snow let up a bit and we were able to go our seperate ways. It was cool to see so many people take it slow. Funny thing is (not funny haha, funny quere) that all the vehicles that I have passed that were in the ditch on their sides were SUV's. Just because you may drive a SUV doesn't mean that the conditions are any more favorable for you than the next guy. There was actually a pretty good article in the Province today about drivers. I just can't get the story because I am not a subscriber.
I love the snow!!!
People at work think about me now when it starts snowing. One of the girls has a place up North and she was actually going to bring snow back for me but forgot. She was worried about packing everything up that she needed to bring home. I thought it was a nice gester though.
Bring on the snow! Careful out there, there is more to come.

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Connie said...

Half way to the North Pole, in Santa's summer home, we have had snow for about a month. There will be at least three more months of it and maybe a blizzard or to in late April or May, just to remind us we live on the edge of the Canadian Shield. I had an accident on the first day of snow here. Not serious, but enough of a warning to keep me checking mirrors and clearing snow off my back bumper. Happy motoring, shovelling, cocooning, admiring the mountains...whenever you get a fall of snow. You are a rarity. Blessings,