Saturday, January 01, 2005

Who we are

I was just reading James' blog and I am still surprised as to how much we think alike.
Does anyone else ever wonder why they are the way they are? Does it ever bother anyone being the way you are? I have often wondered why I am so darn outgoing in some instances and then quiet and reserved the next. Those of you that know me may be thinking, you quiet - yeah right!! But I actually am and can be when I don't know the situation or the people. There have been a few times that I have actually gotten written up for the fact that I talk loud and too much. I get so upset because how am I supposed to change who I am? Am I supposed to become the robot they so badly want me to be. Am I supposed to not try to cheer people up that need it? On one hand I get in trouble for talking then on the other hand I get a Christmas card from a co-worker that helps me to realize why I am the way I am. I got thanked for always being able to know when they needed a laugh and somehow being able to make them do so. That makes it so worth while to me. People who know me know that is the way I am. Trying to make others laugh and then when I am down and upset they know and they try to make me laugh. So what goes around truly does come around.
God made me they way I am for a reason. I can't tell you exactly what reason because only He knows why. However, I know that I WILL NOT change for anyone, even if it means loosing my job. I will mellow it out but no one can change me no matter how hard they try. Including myself. I will not be a robot and a shell of myself for no one.
So who are you? Why are you made the way you are? Only God knows the reall reson. But that is just it God knows and He did it for His own reasons.

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