Thursday, December 30, 2004

My Petty Little Problems

Sure I complain alot and that won't change no matter how hard I try. If I am in pain I need to voice that so I have a way to try and get it off my chest. Latley, even though I still complain, my problems are so petty. I feel so sorry for those in Asia. My heart truly bleeds for them as I feel my tears stream down my face watching a child getting washed into the sea but then slammed back towards the shore just in time to be able to cling to a fence for their lives. Then seeing another set of footages that includes hearing the warning sirens go off for another tsunami attack and watch people scrammble for their loved ones then grab their hands and run. Tripping and scrambling to get to their feet so that they have enough time to scrammble for higher ground. Tears in anyone else's eyes? Mine are full of them. It really breaks my heart. It gives me one more reason to be proud of where I live and feel safe in my home and country. The only thing that is left for us to do is pray for the survivors and weep and pray for the dead.
When I first heard about the tragedy it never affected me, until I saw the footage. Then I couldn't bring myself to watch anymore. Kinda makes my fears, my pain and my problems tiny compared to what they are enduring on a day to day basis.
This is a Mother Nature Tragedy.
I only hope that disease outbreaks don't occur and that people are able to get the supplies that they need. I hope that mother nature will not strike again.
I pray:
"God, please help those less fortunate than us in these times of need. Let them turn to you Lord and know that this act of nature will pass and that it will make people strong. I pray that it opens our eyes to how good we have got it and that we are not that bad off. I pray that You help them in their time of need and keep their hands upon them."
I know that it may not be "right" to voice what I want to pray and what I feel needs to be done. But I don't think that it would hurt anyone and if it did hurt or offend anyone, I appologize. I just felt that what I need to say might want to be heard and someone may feel the same way. There is something I am in the midst of doing, but I am not going to voice it here. Let not the right hand know what the left one is doing - right? Some of you may hear in the days to follow, but I am not doing it to be reconized.
I hope that we can all say some sort of little prayer for these unfortunate people. Prayer works and I believe that it is the strongest possible cure available.
God help us.


James Goudie said...

why would sharing a prayer aloud be bad? God knows what you are saying. When I was in Costa Rica last year, they all prayed aloud. They didn't care what others thought of their prayer. Sure I didn't understand it, but I thought it was cool.

Miss-buggy said...

I just didn't know if it was "right" to put into writing what I wanted to pray and to ask others to do the same thing. I just wanted people to not forget about what is happening and I don't want anyone to feel like I am pressuring them into prayer. But prayer does really work and if we have the faith this whole thing will turn around for the better.