Friday, December 10, 2004

My adventure with Payton

So, if you read Michelle's blogs you would see that I took away her little girl, hahaha, Just for the day of course. It sure was interesting, I give Michelle alot of credit. I've been around alot of children, I even helped raise my baby brother, but this was different. I changed her and then attempted to feed her but by the time you get that darn bottle warmed up, and then cooled down enough for her to be able to eat without it ripping her insides out because it's too hot, she was beside herself. Must - calm - down - in - order - to - get - that - bottle - in - there. It just took a little walking around then she was pretty content and took the bottle eventually. However in her crying prcess she tired herself out so much that she kept dosing as I was feeding, then she would wake; drink more, then dose, until eventually she woke up long enough to drink the whole thing and then zonked for a hour or so.
We went for a couple of walks, in the snow, which she really enjoyed and then we even went for a car ride, which zonked her out again.
I had a really fun day with her. I love that kid so much, but it really opens your eyes as to how hard being a mom really is. Makes me realize that I am not even ready yet. We will just keep taking her out here and there and that would be good enough for me. Maybe we'll have kids in 3 - 5 years or so, but what's the rush right?
Michelle and Payton were dropped off here yesterday morning too. It was a fun day as well. I let mommy crash in my bed for a couple hours. Payton woke up and was all smiles. So we ran a bath and put her in it. It was starting to cool down too much for her but she let me know. Then we added more warm water and she was all smiles again. So I dressed her up and we played in the bouncy chair for a bit while "Auntie" loaded the dishwasher. Then we got bored, and she had enough of the bouncy chair, so we went for a walk in the sunny weather, then back to bed. Phil had her laughing when he got home. She likes her "Uncle" Phil. She has the cutest little laugh too. Payton & Uncle Phil invented a new little game. Uncle Phil blows gently into her face and she huffs back at him with a big smile. I am loving all the giggles and smiles. I can't wait until she can communicate with us.
I've loved that little girl from the moment she was born, even before, because of the friendship Michelle, Rod, Phil & I all have. It is amamzing how this little girl makes that bond between friends so much stronger. I love the days I get to spend with her and I am sure that mommy must be used to it by now. Michelle, I give you alot of credit. You are awesome. Thanks for letting me take your baby away....hehehe...........


Sue said...

Every new mom needs a friend like you, what a blessing you are to Michelle! How generous of her to share her baby with you. They can never have too much love.

Miss-buggy said...

Thanks! Never too much love and I've got plenty of it!

Lori said...

maybe you should reconsider your 3-5 year plan! (kidding, enjoy your friends babies, they go home!)