Sunday, December 26, 2004

The Day After

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. Ours was very blessed. We went from not being able to having one to being able to spoil ourselves a bit after all. We were adventurous today and decided to brave the traffic and head down to Langley for a little shopping. It actually wasn't too bad, except for the parking. My husband actually came up with a good idea. We drive around on the 23rd, 24th and 26th and find the best parking spot then pu up a sign that reads "need a spot? $10 bucks and it's yours". I thought that was a great idea and I am sure that he would have made some extra cash. We didn't do it though. While leaving willowbrook we were being stalked to our car. So we went to the front of our car and stopped to look around, like we were lost. The lady scowled at us then kept driving. The whole aspect of here following us kinda cheesed us. So when she left we went to the doors and while getting into our car we saw an older lady who looked so frantic that we pointed to the spot and said we were leaving. She was so happy and smiled at us and thanked us. First impressions do make a difference.
Then we headed into the Office Depot, Jacob, Micheals strip mall off of Fraser Highway and while walking up to Office Depot, bypassing the line ups at Mexx and Jacob Connextions we saw one of those brand new old style Mustangs. Looked nice but sounded terrible. The guy was riding the clutch, his first time driving standard maybe???? They will be replacing that in no time. A girl in the line up at Mexx announced that it was her boyfriend and that she had just bought him the car. People were ranting and raving wow!!! Can't believe you got that for him. Yeah but how long will she be paying it off for? OR did she just do a down payment........ I know the green envy thing but I don't get it, sure I can go out and get my dream car but at the same toime I think I would rather get into debt over a house. Yes I am jealous but I am happy. I just thought it was funny that everyone was announcing how lucky he is, and I am sure he is, but......
On our way out of Langley the cars were lined up from A&B sound all the way to where we were leaving. Crazy line ups!! But what do you expect for boxing day right? I think that our little adventure out was kinda fun though just because of how crazy it all gets. Then of course there were accidents because people weren't paying attention. AHHHHHHHHHHH.................. After Christmas rush. That was the first, and probably the last, time we ever went shopping on boxing day. It's a day I'll remember though.

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