Thursday, June 08, 2006


I, personally, believe in angels. I have since I was little even though I didn't come to Christ until about 7 years ago. I always knew there was someone protecting me and I always knew that someone was watching over me. My guardian angel.
I believe that when we are small we have more of an open mind about it. Like Cooper for example. I believe that he can see his guardian angel. I believe that when I look in on him and he is looking up cooing away and flailing his arms he is talking to his angel. It gives me a wonderful feeling of peace knowing that he is being watched over. Sometimes it sounds like he is having a conversation with the angel. I believe it strongly.
I believe that as we grow up we lose that touch with our angels. With God and it is harder for us to see them or hear them. We are bread into society and our minds get full, clustered and lost to the voice that we had heard since babies. As we grow and become more and more busy with our lives we lose that voice. We lose the sound of the music that God is playing. (Sunday's sermon)
I pray every night for protection over Cooper and when I leave that room I feel safe knowing that he is protected his is watched over and every time I hear him coo and see him smile into what I see as nothingness I smile. My heart feels a little warmer and I wish that I could see what he sees. After all, before he was conceived, before he came into this world I am sure that he talked with Jesus. Makes me wonder if he knows whether or not he will have a sibling in the FAR future. ( ;-) ) What was it like talking to God? What did he say? Did Cooper know his angel before he came to Earth?
I know I may seem like a nut job to some of you that are reading this but it doesn't matter. It is what I believe. How else can I explain it. Kind of like when I stand over him just watching him sleep his angel is there with him too. Really makes me feel good.

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Radlife said...

Praise be to God.
Be Blessed
For your son is a blessing