Thursday, June 22, 2006

Giving up control

My neighbor's have been in the process of trying to adopt a child for years. They used to do foster care and all their home studies and such is done. They are just waiting for a baby.
They had just decided that they were going to tell their case worker that they were going to just put it off and wait two years. The husband was going to go to school in the fall. They had decided just to let it go. Not to stress about it.
Guess what happened! They got a phone call. There is a newborn, well he is actually two months, that needs to be adopted through a closed adoption. Which is what they were doing. Cooper and this baby will be the same age! They can be little play buddies.
She looked so upset and she said the only thing is that he has acid reflux. I said that is the only thing? She said it was. I told her a bit about acid reflux and that it is manageable. She looked so relieved.
The mom of this baby doesn't want him. No one in the family wants him. How can you NOT want a baby! He is a little under developed due to being in the hospital since birth and no stimulation. How sad. The nurses hold him and talk to him but it is not the same as love from a parent. One on one time with someone. They are 75% sure that they will be getting this child.
God has answered their prayers. I just pray that this is His will and it will work out. They will know in a few weeks so if I could get help praying that would be awesome.
It really made me think. Think about giving up control and letting God deal with it. Just as they decided that they would just not stress out about it and decided to just try to let things go they get the phone call. They took it out of their own hands and thus it was in God's. God gave them that call. I hope and pray that it will be His will for them to be united with this little baby. As they gave up control God came in and it was almost like He was saying, now let me do my work. I have been waiting for you to just let it go into My hands.
I have been trying to give up control in many areas and this just shows me that when we give up control and the desire to have it done OUR way, in OUR timing God comes through. Sometimes may not be right away but always in His timing. Him having the control makes it all worth the while.
(I hope I made some sense! hehe)

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