Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Your husband is busy; please leave a message

I know Phil is busy when I have to call him and book an appointment to get him to install the remote keyless entry on my car!
The poor guy has been on the go so much but we have been praising and thanking God. He has had steadier work, side jobs and is going to school to help advance his position at his job. Thank God for all of it. Tomorrow is his last school night then I get my husband back!
I really give single parents credit. They don't get the credit and praise that they deserve. I am only alone two days out of the week. (besides day times) and I find it hard. So much to do. So little time. Little things Phil does that I have to do as well as my normal stuff on those nights he isn't here.
Here's to all those single parents out there that are doing the jobs of both parents. Striving to keep their children happy while keeping a thread of sanity. I really do give you credit. I can't do it. I am amazed at those that can. Way to go. Good job and keep up the wonderful things you all do!

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