Saturday, August 12, 2006

my little angel

We have been very fortunate thus far with Cooper and his sleep. This morning he woke up just cooing away and talking to himself. he even slept until 5 then fed then slept until 7. I went in there and he had his back to me so I poked my head into the crib and put the top of my head on the matress so that I was looking at him upside down. I said...."hi Cooper!" He gave me a full body smile and the hugest grin. Then we just played in his crib for a bit. Making him laugh and stuff so I could associate the crib with happy stuff too not just crying to fall asleep and crying awake. Then I brought him into our room. I layed in bed and put my knees up and he was smiling and laughing away. Just being a ham. What a perfect way to start the day. It is moments like that when I look at him and I see God. The smiles and I see that God gave me this perfect gift and that I am worthy. Even though I feel out of touch with Him and like I can't hear Him and I struggle, I just see this perfect little boy and I can just hear His whispers of I love you.

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