Monday, November 27, 2006

I love my computer BUT.....

it is driving me CRAZY!!! It shuts down on it's own and restarts. My computer guy [:)] says that I don't have enough ram. So here I am ready to throw the darn thing out the window but I know I would go crazy without it so I am grateful for it.
Putting up Christmas decorations right now and I can't have any Christmas music playing cause it takes up too much room and shuts down. Just doesn't feel the same without the music. :(


James Goudie said...

ask your computer guy what kind of memory your computer takes. i have some laying around. i have one 1GB PC2700 chip i'm not even using. its pretty old now but newish i guess. i have some others too.

Anonymous said...

how much pc100?

it's an old system.
amd K7 700 192m ram,

I have a celeron 1.3ghtz that takes the same ram with 256, sitting on my floor in the laundry room.

James Goudie said...

ah ok. none that old.

the lowest i have is 2 256 pc2100 chips.

all my older stuff i put out on spring clean up one year.