Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Reaching out

You know, I was going back over some things lately. Reading some of my old poems and stuff. I am not in a black hole. I have been reaching for some help but while reading one of my poems it occured to me that I am not reaching for the right kind of help. That I need to be reaching to God and for God rather then people. God will not let me down and he will lead the way. Just some of the verses of this poem struck me. He is warmth, love, patience and kindness. Why haven't I been reaching for Him.
I have been chosing not to be personal with my blogs. Just never found the point of it anymore. Then a friend pointed out that I am not doing it for others, I am doing it for myself. Why didn't I see that?
I have chosen to busy myself with things that don't relate to God or, in actuality, things that don't make me think. Things that make me have to examine myself cause I don't have the time. Sure I have the time or else I wouldn't be blogging. I need to get back. I realize that. I have tried before but in my mind failed. Then I wonder why I even bother cause I am getting distracted too easily.
I know that God is faithful. I know that He provides. I personally believe my life right now is a walking example of that. I am so thankful too. I think maybe going back and reading some of my old poetry has reminded me who I really need to reach for. I need to reach for Him. His warmth, His love, His strength, His faith, His never tiring or faultering arms. Thank you Lord that You are so faithful and that You are holding Your hands to me. Here I am reaching back to You.
There is no title to this poem. And like I said, I am not down or out. I am not in a dark hole. I just loved remembering the love. I am reaching for help and now I think I have realized where it is I need to extend that hand to.

You are thrown to the
ground and engulfed by
the black hole abyss,
There seems to be
no feasable way around it.
You lay there wondering
what to do next?
All around you is nothing
but black empty space
the takes the breath and
life right out of you.
You reach as high as you
can muster with all
your strength.
You feel the warmth on
your cold, clammy fingers.
You feel the warmth and
the touch of love
Love is reaching back to
you while you lie in
wait wondering.
Love will no let go of
you and let you
disappear into the great
Love holds you so faithfully
and strong, never tiring
or giving up even when
you get weak.
Love will help pull you
out of this dark hole
slowly, step by step, and
will never turn it's
back on you.
Love is patient, kind and
ever so understanding.
You are loved. You do matter
Slowly you start to feel
yourself coming away from
the black hole abyss.

Feb. 16, 2005


Anonymous said...

God is the only one who won't let you down, reach for him. The rest of us no matter how well meaning will let you down eventually.


Love you

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we can feel so empty and not know how to fill the void. We are surprised that even friends and family don't measure up to the space of our need. I think this is the way that He reminds us that only He can fill us up because only He knows what is in our hearts. He gives us a hunger for Himself.