Thursday, November 11, 2004

David VS Goliath

You may have grown up hearing about David and Goliath but for myself I finally heard that wonderful story about four years ago (maybe more). Just recenlty I have begun to see what and who Goliath actually is. Everyone has their own Gloiath. There may be one of them or there may be more. I only seem to be facing one of them right now. However, unlike David I am not as brave. I feel like going into a corner and hiding from Goliath and letting him tower over me and keep looking down on me. Letting Goliath win. I guess my battle has only started.

I think that just recently I have picked up that stone. I am so nervous and scared, but one thing I can say is that I am trying to stand up for myself against this giant.

I can't help thinking what if..........

I loose my job
Things get worse
People start disrespecting me

My husband told me not to worry about it and that we will handle whatever may come our way. Let God take care of it. There is that Pawn again. It's my move. I wish that I could have the bravery like David showed but I realize that I can only ask that God may help me to be strong and know that things will work out. I just wish that God could give me some kind of a hint that I am doing what is best for me and that I am not messing anything up. (too severly) It is so hard to let Him take it under control. The whole uncertainty thing is tending to weigh a little more. I just need to let my trust in Him take over.

So, with a shaky hand and a loose grip I still hold onto this rock. Saying a little pray. Goliath is so much stronger and bigger than me but I can't let him win anymore.

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James Goudie said...

I just read about david and goliath about a month ago now. I have never heard the story before.

I am a quiet, shy guy who is very hard to get to know. I can write my feelings but I can't speak them. I always felt I was an outkast, all the way through highschool. See I never really had that many close friends, sure i knew a lot of nice people, but I didn't really know them if you know what i mean. Just in the past few years I have met a guy that is a awesome friend, I worked with him at work. He started to bring me out of my shell, with the help of my church as well "New Heights".

I am still shy and non-talkative, but I am more confident. i don't hang my head, or always look down when someone is talking.

I am trying to make god my center, and i see changes. good changes.