Tuesday, November 23, 2004

"Isn't it Ironic"?

Does anyone out there know the song by Alanis Morisette entitled "Ironic"? Well it sure does apply to me right now.

Yesterdays blog was about Murphy's Law (somewhat) and how it seems to be pertaining to my life in the past little while. Well........ at ten to four today I go to leave work for a doctor's appointment. I went out to where I parked my car. It wasn't there. Yep STOLEN!!! Now that is IRONIC! I stoof there for a few minutes like an imbecile(sp?) trying to wonder if I had actually parked my car in that specific spot. It must have looked pretty darn funny - I tell you. I was standing there in the pouring rain with a dumb look on my face. I went inside and called my husband Phil. Did you come and pick up the car? He responded no why? I said then it was stolen. My boss saw it out there when she came in today at 8:30 am and one of the other girls that started at 2 saw it out there where I left it. But when I went out there it was gone. I started laughing. It was all I could do to stop from crying. The adreniline was taking over. I was delerious. Now the tears came just because I was SO frustrated. Needless to say that I didn't make my doctors appointment and I have to get off early tomorrow to try and make it again. Wait a minute, I can't! No car. Yes we do have a second vehicle but it is in Phil's name and when he insured his truck he wasn't even thinking. He put on that special insurance where if you haven't had your liscence for ten years or more you can't drive the vehicle. Yep you guessed it. I have only had it for nine! I can't even back the darn thing out of the driveway. Murphy again!!!

Darn that Murphy?

Anyone else up there getting a kick out of this???????????

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