Monday, May 28, 2007

A little thanks

11 years ago our Pastor Susan at New Heights church helped to create a dream. This weekend she has stepped back "ashore" as she says. She has decided to go on and see what else God has in store for her and her wonderful husband to do in ministry together.
She will be so missed.
I know that it isn't about the person or the pastors and that it is God's church but it still doesn't change the fact that it breaks my heart. However, at the same time I am happy for her. Happy to see what God has in store for her and watch her fly even higher then she already has.
I can honestly say that my life would be so much more different if not for her. She took the time to help the hurt. I was one of those hurt people. One of those wounded. She helped me to start on an amazing path, that I must sheepishly say I have seemed to have lost. I have wondered from that path that brought me on great highs. But I am trying to work my way back there.
Susan is someone that helped pick me up and bring me back to the God I loved. Someone that told me she was proud of me. I didn't deserve it but yet here she was being Christ to ME.
Thank you are two words that just don't contain enough of what is in my heart. Enough to describe how I feel. Although I have not been at NH for those full 11 years I have been here long enough to fall in love. Long enough to call it home. Long enough to see Satan attack and God repair. It is truly a "church for the unchurched" and that is what I was. Dare I say, what I am.
NH will continue and will go on but I know in my heart that it will not be the same. I thank God for Susan and all she has done. I ask that you join me in prayer for her. To have happiness and to know where God is taking her and her husband. I can only imagine how amazing the next journey would be. Thankfully she is willing to take the step towards that next journey.
Thank you again Susan for all you have done. I for one will never forget it. I wish you much success and love.

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