Saturday, May 19, 2007

not sure anyone reads my blog

but if you do you will notice a difference. Me in my idiocy accidentally DELETED my template yesterday. Called Rod (as you can see he has a new name on my side bar) yesterday. I was SO upset! But Rod found it and fixed it! YAY!! Thank you Rod!!
It is different then it was though and I am not one for change. However, I used the old template and now I have the new layout. So I guess a change is in order. Now to try to find a site with nice layouts or something that I can fiddle with. I want my own work to be involved. I would love to put my own photo somewhere. Not sure I like plain backgrounds and such so I will have to come up with something.
Anyone think the font is too big?
Well, Cooper is done breakfast and is playing now so it is time to clean him up and get on with our day.


wilsonian said...

The font isn't too big. I usually read your blogg through bloglines though... so your lovely template work will be mostly unseen by me.


Michelle said...

I read! But you know that. So glad Rod could figure it all out for you. I think I wouldn't have a computer if he wasn't around to fix it for me!

I think the font is fine as well. I like my layout and the link is on my site on the bottom left. But I don't think you can really fiddle with it to much. You might have to design your own. I would like to design my own up one day but no time right now!

Sue said...

I read too. You usually save my butt when I make computer mistakes so I know how grateful one can be for someone who knows how to fix things. I think you should keep the 'technical savior' description by his name. He's earned it this time.

Miss-buggy said...

oh yeah Sue........That is staying there for sure!