Sunday, May 20, 2007

Never The Last Time

The last time I held your hand
you were slipping from us.
The last time I looked at you
I saw you look at me.
I looked into your eyes for the
last time.
And you were telling me not to worry.

The last time you looked at me
I saw you smile.
It was the last time I saw the
friendship in your eyes.
Although I held you for the last time,
I knew it wasn't over.
I knew that this wasn't the last
time we would love you.
I knew this wasn't the last
time we would remember you.

This isn't the last time we think
about you or that we dream about
This isn't the least time you'd be
and this will never be the last time
you're in our hearts.

by: Misty
May 20, 1998

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