Sunday, March 23, 2008

on high alert!

Phil and I are so antsy. If you happen to read my comments you may have caught that Cooper was back in the hospital. We went back cause he was throwing up again. He was dehydrated again and was readmitted.
He stayed there for another two nights. The pediatrician told us this morning that "IF" he throws up again we are supposed to go straight back to the ER. I have had my fill, as has Cooper and Phil, of poor Cooper getting pinned to have blood drawn. Pinned to have an IV put in.
I spent every night and day with him. That has worn on me too. The nurses came in every two hours to check his vitals and the IV went off every two hours. So there was no sleep.
Cooper's belly right now is ROCK HARD. So then the worry is that is he gonna puke or poop. LOL.
There was a little girl next door to us in the room who would SCREAM bloody murder as her mom stepped out to go to the bathroom or brush her teeth. Well Cooper had enough of it. So here is this little girl YELLING then Cooper at the top of his voice says "NOOO!!!" Then the little girl started up again JUST as Cooper was falling asleep. This made Cooper mad. So he banged his head and arms on his bed and went "grrrrr" and then "NOOOO!!!"
It was so funny. Our kid knows what he does and doesn't like. Haha....
but anyway both Phil and I are hoping that Cooper really does NOT barf. Sigh....

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